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FSLD is an organization with the largest experience in supporting local governments. Mazovia Center uses this experience for the development of its region-Mazovia.

We offer:

  • open trainings

We organize trainings for local governments in the form of seminars, workshops, lectures. Their subject is always adapted to the expectations and the needs of students. We pay particular attention to the scope and the relevance of the issues of our trainings, as it is very important to us to ensure high standard of education.

  • closed trainings

Apart from open trainings, we also organize training upon request at the seat of the ordering office and away training. Thanks to systematic cooperation with representatives of local administration and the best experts in Poland we know the needs of local administration entities members. Our experience and knowledge build high quality of our trainings.

  • consulting and evaluation

Constant socio-economic changes create new tasks for local governments. Mazovia Center supports Mazovian local governments by offering advisory and consulting services, among others, in the scope of: development strategy, strategy of solving social problems, local revitalisation programs, long-term investment plans, project evaluation and many other.

We conduct forums FSLD Mazovia Center inspires creation and supports functioning of forums that associate employees of local governments, involved in the same matters. These forums perform the role of informal educational-discussion clubs. They are a place of integration of professional groups, exchange of their knowledge and experience, building partner relations and presentation of views. At Mazovia Center there are currently 4 active Mazovian forums: Forum of the Mazovian Province Local Governments Secretaries, Forum of the Mazovian Province Local Governments Treasurers, Forum of the Mazovian Province Registry Office Employees and Mazovian Forum of Crisis Management.

We run projects FSLD Mazovia Center effectively and efficiently manages training, infrastructural (strategies, consulting) and social trainings, addressed to public administration, Mazovian local governments and their organizational units. These projects are conducted in specified partnership and co-financed from external funds, including EU funds.



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